• Haircut: Women, Men
  • Color: Single Process, Double Process
  • Hilight: Full
  • Perm
  • Japanese Straightening
  • UV Gel Nail
  • Body Massage
  • Facial
  • Haircut: Women, Men
  • Perm
  • Japanese Straightening
  • Color and Shading: Touch-up
  • Hilight
  • Digital Perm

Michi's Straightening Perm Collection

  • Milbon Liscio Crystal Cream Straightening Perm
    Milbon Liscio Crystal Cream Collection provides a softer, shinier, moisture rich finish to your hair. If you have unruly hair and want to tame it, try this.

  • Cobela Straightening Perm
    Need a hair lift? This new innovative straightening perm is more super conditioner than perm. Creates volume, treats chemically damaged hair and leaves you with nothing but shine.

  • Nail

  • UV Soft Gel System - the healthy alternative to nail care.
    Calgel is the newest trend in nail care. It uses a superior gel that won't peel, chip or damage your nails. It can be used as nail polish, tips, or just as a natural overlay to protect your nails. The unique system that dries instantly under UV light promotes nail health and strengthens your own nails, giving you the nails you always wanted. The days of smudging, chipping and peeling nail polish are over. With its unique remover, it soaks off in just 15 minutes.

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