Milbon-Nigelle DS Shampoo (for color style shampoo)

Nigelle DS Shampoo for color style is specially formulated to leave hair feeling soft. Fine foaming action gently shampoos hair. Nigelle DS shampoo specializes in providing manageability to the last half inch of tinted hair ends. The shampoo and treatment combination moisturizes and cares for hair ends and inner hair shafts.

Milbon-Crede FT Shampoo (resolve your problem)

Crede FT Shampoo enhances softness and provides a weightless feel to hair. Makes fried hair feel better that normal again! Repeated use keeps hair feeling like new while providing body and shine as well. Designed to work wonders on chemically damaged hair.

Milbon-Crede ER Treatment Conditioner

Crede ER Treatment is an amazing conditioner that has been a best seller in Japan for several years! This conditioning treatment is highly recommended for stressed out hair. Rejuvinate the Crede way with Crede's Er Treatment. Designed to really moisturize dehydrated hair. Nothing surpasses Crede products when it comes to hydrating the most damaged hair (especially fine hair!).

Milbon-Lisciocrystal (Hair Treatment)

Milbon Straight Lisciocrystal Hair Treatment is a leave-in treatment that allows manageability with a glossy smooth finish. Contains amino acid oil to keep hair shiny and smooth. Sandalwood, bark, and barley extract moisturize hair.

Grand Green Herbal Moist Shampoo

This plant based (chlorophyll) shampoo removes build-up from chemicals used during coloring. Leaves your hair moist and is perfect for dry, color treated hair. The pleasant sage fragrance to provides balance.

Grand Green Herbal Moist Treatment

Organic herb and moisture rich shea butter transforms brittle hair into soft, luxurious hair. The pleasant sage fragrance to provides balance.

Pureology Antifade Hydrate Conditioner

You can feel this premium conditioner working to moisturize, detangle and lock in colour. Multiweight Protein Complex, jojoba and shea butter impart excellent lubricity and liveliness to your hair. Contains an invigorating infusion of peppermint oils.

Nigelle Contrastmove Wax

Contrastmove Wax (Soft Texture) Leaves your hair soft and manageable, with a naturally-looking "bounce".

Nigelle Extramove Wax

Extramove Wax (Strong Texture) Provides a powerful hold for hair accents that you want to leave free to move naturally.

Nano Amino Shampoo

Micro amino acids are absorbed into the hair to repair damages from the root. Results are beautiful, shiny hair.

Nano Amino Treatment

Micro amino acids are absorbed into the hair to repair damages from the root. Results are silky, smooth hair.

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